Landscape Design

Proper planning is essential to make your vision a reality. Investing in a design today can save money and effort in the long run. This is true whether you are doing the work yourself, hiring us to do it, or working with another landscaper. A cohesive plan for your entire property avoids the piecemeal end-effect which so often prevails when doing little bits and bobs at a time. Armed with a design, you will be able to create a landscape which is true to a unified design, whether you are building it all in one go or over several phases. After all, you wouldn’t hire Rembrandt to start a painting, then ask Picasso to finish it and expect the result to be pleasing!

With over 10 years of experience, Fern Ridge Eco Landscaping Inc. has the creativity, expertise and passion to create the landscape you desire. We continue to grow and diverge from the pack through our commitment to understanding – and responding to – the visions and goals of our customers. Naturally, we can design in any style you like from formal to cottage, contemporary to historic.

Standard Design Package

As well as a 2D full landscape design and planting plan, you will receive a detailed, firm quote, which will be broken down into the different elements of your design for added simplicity and transparency. Not only does this allow you to see what different elements of your landscape cost, it also allows you to build your landscape in manageable stages. Furthermore, a detailed plant list which includes all plants being used in your design and clickable links which will provide you with pictures, information and plant care will be sent to you.

Landscape Designs

Additional Design Features

Bring your landscape design to life with our 3D lifelike designs! Because everyone perceives things in different ways, some of you will benefit from a 3D concept along with your standard landscape design. 3D designs allow homeowners to visualize their dream landscape, help communicate function and aesthetics, and gives a sense of comfort with being able to see the project even before a shovel goes in the ground. Get in touch for more information!

Sketch-up to reality

3D – design to the finished product

Example 3D Landscape Design

Example of a 3D design