Looking to encourage bees, butterflies and birds onto your property, perhaps even a few monarchs and other endangered species? Thinking that you’d like to make your property more permeable to help take the pressure off your local storm-sewer system and prevent flooding on your property and in your neighbourhood? You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in broad-based sustainable landscaping, employing native plants, creating biodiversity havens, incorporating rainscapes, installing permeable paving and much more. We can show you how your property can be eco-friendly AND beautiful!

An added bonus of eco-landscapes is that they are always lower maintenance than properties using exotics. By choosing native plants (or nativars) which suit both our climate and your soil, you are choosing a plant which will naturally thrive on your property, and therefore requires much less care. There’s a giant list of plants that LOVE clay and another for sand, salt, rain gardens, dry shade and so on. You’ll have less disease, less expense and less work! The fact that it will also support a wider variety of bugs and birds is of course an added bonus. Working WITH nature rather than fighting it always pays off.

Pollinators galore


We are authorised installers of several fantastic eco-products:

Ecoraster Permeable Paving Systems

Would you like to reduce pooling and flooding on your property? Perhaps you’re interested in having a more permeable landscape to take the strain off your local storm-water management system? Look no further! Ecoraster® is a permeable paving system used as an alternative to commonly used asphalt or concrete. It consistently outperforms these traditional paving surfaces at extreme hot and cold temperatures as their surfaces erode and crack under extreme conditions, necessitating costly repairs and quicker replacement, while long-lasting Ecoraster® retains its strength and structural integrity.

However, Ecoraster® isn’t only better value and longer lasting, it is also environmentally friendly, offering many eco benefits such as:

  • Reducing storm-water runoff, increasing infiltration and water filtration rates (thereby keeping our water clean) and protecting the water table;
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bags, effectively keeping millions of non-degradable bags out of public landfill;
  • Reducing the “Heat Island Effect”, where higher city temperatures are caused by non-permeable surfaces like asphalt and concrete absorbing instead of reflecting the sun’s energy. This is important because higher city temperatures increase air pollution levels, heat-related illness and fatalities, and create excessive energy demand (for air-conditioning);
  • Preventing soil compaction by providing a solid structure, further decreasing storm water runoff and preventing soil erosion.

On a practical level, Ecoraster® effectively holds in place whatever is used to fill it (generally gravel), creating a stable, level surface. It is also winter-friendly and can be snowplowed!

Envirolok Walling Systems

This new environmentally friendly and cost-effective walling system can be used for a variety of projects, including the creation of natural retaining walls, raised gardens, living walls and rain gardens. The Envirolok system is built using a series of bags filled with soil, combined with a spike system which provides lateral stability to the system. Once filled, the bags are planted with a variety of beautiful, low-maintenance plants (we have used sedums, perennials and grasses in the past) which will eventually fill in and cover the entire wall, creating a soft living green wall.

The appeal of envirolok walling also lies in it’s durability compared to other walling systems. Traditional stone walls have a tendency to deteriorate over time in our climate due to the build up of moisture and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles. Envirolok bags, because of their malleable nature, are much better suited to handle the stresses associated with retaining walls and the woven fabric allows water to pass through the bags, relieving potentially destructive hydrostatic pressures without the need for substantial drainage measures needed for traditional walling.  If properly constructed and vegetated, these bags have a lifespan of over 50 years!