A Rainwater Handling System and Native Plantings in Milton

To effectively combat the drainage issues in this Milton back yard which spend most of the year as a bog, we created a series of functional and ornamental RainGardens. Essentially, we created a series of dish shaped gardens, linked by river-rock swales, which have been specifically designed to capture and hold rainwater. The plant material in and around the RainGarden was chosen for ease of maintenance and tolerance of both wet and dry conditions while also maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal. Many of the plant species used are native to North America thus promoting stable and sustainable eco-systems; we also left room for the client to plant patches of vegetables throughout the garden. To add a usable seating area we build a stone patio to the back yard, providing a space from which the new back yard can be enjoyed. The large format slabs create an open and welcoming space while maintaining a contemporary style. These additions have turned the backyard into a natural sanctuary filled with vegetables and native plants, while simultaneously eliminating the ponding issues by allowing them to infiltrate safely and ornamentally.


Creating a Front Yard Rain Garden in Waterdown

This front yard had some drainage issues which it’s environmentally friendly owners wanted to address in a sustainable way. We create a rain-garden which is designed to catch the water from the downspout and lead it to the rain-garden with the help of the river-rock swale, and will also be a collection point for any water running off the rest of the garden. We used only native plants to make this the ultimate eco-friendly front garden!

Pond & Rain-Garden For a Very Wet Toronto Property

Tired of their backyard being frequently flooded and wanting to provide a wildlife haven in the city, these homeowners were looking for a solution that would be environmentally friendly and practical. As well as a stunning wildlife pond (with waterfall!), we designed and built an overflow rain-garden which spans the length of the backyard, and doubles as a beautiful, native woodland garden.

Swale & Rain-Garden for Downspout Run-Off in Milton

These homeowners needed to deal with the rainwater coming from their downspout, and wanted the solution to be beautiful, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. As well as biodiversity enhancing gardens, we built a river-rock swale to channel the water towards the new rain-garden, where water will infiltrate with the help of shredded hardwood-mulch and fen plants.