Stone and Ecoraster front Pathways in Burlington

In this Burlington project we updated the front walkway as well as the side entrance to the back yard. After installing a new stone path adjacent to the driveway, connecting the front porch to the sidewalk, we installed an Ecoraster path which was topped with decorative black granite gravel. This Ecoraster pathway provides a stable but permeable solution to this wet area of the property. In order to channel water away from the house, we connected a ‘Big “O”’ Drainage pipe to the downspout, which was buried under the Ecoraster path, and will drain out in the existing swale. Beautiful and practical!

Beautifying a Front Path in Milton

This front path needed a little TLC – it was nothing some beautiful stone, regrading and a few well-chosen plants couldn’t fix!

Permeable Ecoraster Driveway & Permeable Interlock Path in Toronto

The asphalt driveway of this property had fallen into disrepair and the owners were looking for a sustainable and long lasting replacement which would also allow them to deal with the rainwater on their property. The final product includes a permeable Ecoraster driveway as well as a permeable interlock pathway. Sustainable and beautiful!

Interlock Patio with Envirolok Retaining Wall in Milton

Looking to create more usable space in their backyard, the homeowners wanted to level out the property and create a large seating area. We used Envirolok bags to create the retaining wall (which will in time become invisible under it’s cover of plants) which now supports a beautiful patio.

Refreshing an Entrance in Burlington

The front pathway, steps and landing were looking tired and unremarkable. It’s amazing what a difference you can achieve with a small makeover!

Permeable Ecoraster Bloxx Driveway in Hamilton

Looking for a permeable and practical replacement for their asphalt driveway, these homeowners opted for Ecoraster Bloxx, which allowed them to finally deal with the water issues on their driveway, while keeping a clean and modern look.