Renovating a Front Yard After Construction

After construction on the house, the front yard had effectively been wrecked as it had been used as a storage yard for the better part of the year. The homeowners took the opportunity to renovate the front landscape. They wanted it to be grass-less, biodiversity friendly and most importantly, low-maintenance! We used native plants to complement the surviving trees and shrubs and attract pollinators. A decorative river-rock swale traversed by a bridgestone were used to add interest and a focal point to the landscape.

Grass-less Back Yard in Milton

Tired of mowing the lawn? So were these homeowners! Although they already had nice gardens, they were looking for a more cohesive design, a grass-less landscape and a solution to the wash out they were experiencing due to the gardens being slightly raised. We re-used many of their plants while adding some new ones, stabilised the gardens with Envirolok bags (which will soon be completely vegetated and invisible) and created a stepping stone path in gravel (which also got rid of the pre-existing drainage issues!).


Sprucing Up a Retirement Home in Milton

Ready to replace their underwhelming landscape with something that would look beautiful all year, this retirement community was looking for something low-maintenance that they would be able to enjoy on a daily basis. We also added in a rainwater swale to deal with their downspouts while we were there.

Adding Curb-Appeal in Waterloo

Tired of their grassy front yard which looked the same as every other and did nothing for the environment, these homeowners wanted a unique, low-maintenance and drought tolerant landscape which would attract pollinators and would deal with their water run-off. We created a beautiful garden which ticked all of these boxes, and which will be a joy for the entire neighbourhood for years to come.